Experienced owners or breeders please! Meet Jacki and Echo.... They will only be sold together, after signing a written agreement that they will always be kept together as separation can be devastating to the well being of these birds. They are NOT pets, they have bonded to one another and not cuddly! But will definitely be entertaining!!
The male is extremely talkative and smart.. The hen was up until she bonded with the male. He is 17..she is 7. I have DNA papers for the hen and paperwork/vet history on both.
They have recently laid a clutch and can provide pictures.. but it was infertile. They will be very good parents.. They are very protective of their cage and nest box.
Price includes :Very nice LARGE Cage, toys, feed, nest box, birds, full spectrum light bulb, feed bowls and spritz bottle. They will NOT be sold without their cage because that is their sanctuary and it would seriously upset them, their routine and breeding habits.
I am tearfully and regrettably doing this because of developing allergies that are not responding to treatment. Located in West Union Ohio. Please PM for more details or text 937-798-